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Therapeutic Nature Design and Consulting

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Presentations to Practitioners, Carers and People with Dementia

Dementia and the Imagination: Arts and Design for Health
Lancaster University Centre for Ageing Research, UK
7th September 2017
Presentation (pdf)

Expert + 2015 Internationale Fachtagung
Gemeinnützige Wohnformen auch für Menschen mit Demenz -

zukünftige Herausforderungen und Planungsgrundlagen

Expert + 2015 International Conference
Charitable living arrangements for people with dementia -

future challenges and planning principles
Conference in Zurich, Switzerland on June 22nd 2015 - 'Home Stay Despite Dementia'
Video Of Presentation
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Fokusthema Demenz (pdf)
Presentation (pdf)

Health & Wellbeing in Later Life
Information talk given to the LWDP (Lancashire Workforce Development Partnership)
at Ribble House in Bamber Bridge, Lancashire on December 9th, 2014
Flyer (pdf)
Presentation (pdf)

Active and Green in Aberdeen: Using Nature to Engage Older People.
Workshops on the effective engagement, care and support of older adults (with or without Dementia) in the natural world.
School of Health Sciences, RGU, Garthdee Road, Aberdeen, 26th June 2014
Details (pdf)

Age Concern Central Lancashire
AGM on the theme of 'Daring to be Different'
Keynote address entitled ‘Living Outside the Box’
Leyland, Preston on 11th October, 2012

UK Dementia Congress.
Presentation entitled ‘Charnley Fold Resource Centre: Evolving Dementia Care’
with Judith Culshaw and Alex Walker. Liverpool UK, 3 November 2011

Architecture, Nature and Dementia Care: The ‘Edge Space’ Study.
CSCI Conference entitled ‘Research into Practice’
Using research to improve the care in care homes. October, 2006, Taunton, Somerset.

Understanding the whole care environment (and) Connection to nature:
Stimulating activity and communication.

Journal of Dementia Care Conference - Developing the Best Environment for Dementia Care.
June, 2006, Bournemouth.

Learning from Nature and Dementia:
Informing Research, Design and Care Practice.

Dementia Studies Seminar Series: Bradford Dementia Group. February, 2006

Integrating Space, Technology and Fun:
The INDEPENDENT Project For People with Dementia.

Technology in Dementia Care. 5th Annual Conference, October, 2005, Birmingham.

Presentations to Healthcare, Research and Design Professionals

‘Architecture for people with dementia:’
Strategic planning, case studies and future challenges
JohannStadthalle, Holbeinstraße 68, Dresden, Germany
22 May, 2014
Conference Book (pdf)
Video of the conference

‘International Congress on Dementia Friendly Architecture and Design’
Dementievriendelijke Architectuur en Inrichting - Een thuis voor mensen met dementie
Bussum, the Netherlands,
10 April 2013
Presentation in Dutch & English (pdf)
Video of Dr. Chalfont's presentation

‘Grünberger Gartentherapietage’
International Forum - Design for Nature
Bildungsstätte Gartenbau, Grünberg, Germany
14-16th September, 2012

‘GartenTherapie Kongress’
‘ZHAW’ Zürcher Hockschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften
Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland
Life Sciences and Facility Management, Wädenswil Grüental campus
IUNR Institute für Umwelt und Natürliche Ressourcen, Friday 1st of June 2012
Presentation GER

‘International Congress on Dementia-friendly Architecture and Interior: Architectonica understood’
This congress was organized following the publication of the book:
‘Architectonica. A home for people with dementia’ by Erik Stroobants and Patrick Verhaest.
Mechelen, Lamot, Belgium, Thursday 24th of May, 2012
Programme (pdf)
Presentation ENG (pdf)

‘Designing Nature into Dementia Life’
Conference entitled ‘Grün ist die Hoffnung. Was lässt ältere Menschen aufblühen in der Pflege und Betreuung?’
Nottwil, Lucerne, Switzerland, June 2011.
Programme (pdf)

‘Dementia And Design’
Dementia Services Information & Development Centre, Venue: St James's Hospital, Dublin, November 2010
Programme (pdf)

‘Connection to Nature for People with Dementia’
Wageningen University, Wageningen, the Netherlands 9th December 2009
(Seminar presentation given on the occasion of Dr. Simone de Bruin's PhD defense entitled
‘Sowing in the Autumn Season: Exploring the benefits of green care farms for dementia patients’)

Gradmann Kolloquium
Bau. Technik. Natur. Facetten der Umweltgestaltung Für Menchen mit Demenz Stuttgart, Germany, 20-21 November 2009
Organization for further details: Demenz Support Stuttgart -

SCALA Conference
Nottingham UK, 7 November 2008.
Conference entitled ‘Innovation in Public Architecture’.
Presentation entitled ‘Architecture and Connection to Nature: Examples in Dementia Care’

Design Workshop for Architects in the Care Home Sector
Caring Homes Group, Colchester, June 11, 2008

Nature and dementia: Towards a therapeutic architecture.
Environmental Design Research Association International Conference.
May 2006, Atlanta , GA USA.

Making space for normal life: Lessons from the Family Kitchen (and) Window on the World:
Maintaining contact with the favourite and familiar.

JDC Conferences, March, 2006, Edinburgh .

Connection to nature for people with dementia enables personhood: Examples from residential care.
International Psychogeriatric Association 12th Congress.
September, 2005, Stockholm, Sweden.

Relationship with nature for people with dementia in residential care.
Royal Geographical Society with IBG Annual International Conference.
Royal Geographical Society. August, 2005, London.

Relationship with nature for people with dementia in residential care.
International Association of Gerontology 18th Congress.
June, 2005, Rio de Janeiro , Brazil.

Engagement with nature for people with dementia.
Gerontological Society of America Annual Conference.
November, 2004, Washington , D.C. USA.

Connection to nature for people with dementia. ‘Changing Attitudes’
National Social & Therapeutic Horticulture Conference.

About Dr. Chalfont

Dr Garuth Chalfont, is a leading practitioner in the art and science of healing gardens, therapeutic spaces, and dementia gardens that incorporate the natural world into the healing process. He designs and builds engaging outdoor spaces in dementia care environments. Hands-on training workshops facilitate their active and enjoyable use by residents, staff and families. At Lancaster University, Faculty of Health and Medicine, Centre for Ageing Research his focus is multimodal non-pharmacological contributions to secondary dementia prevention. He explores the benefits of the natural world for holistic health (mind-body-soul). This includes researching the nature gardens he has designed in the UK. Dementia Beat Camp (Facebook page) and the Dementia Pioneers (local activist group) interpret and promote the evidence gained through his research into culturally relevant lifestyle change.


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