Training And Workshops


Training and workshops for practitioners and family caregivers involves thinking about how nature can and is enjoyed by people with dementia and then planning for:

Daily contact with nature in meaningful ways.

There is a low level of awareness about the benefits of nature
and little information on how to accomplish engagement
between nature, residents and staff.

There is often a disparity between the building as designed and how it is actually used. If outdoor areas are deemed unsafe then the potential for connection to nature outside evaporates. Obviously a patio on the north side of the building in a home in the north of England is a design issue not easily resolved. But if paving, seating, scheduling, routines and care priorities are addressed, and if top-down support is clearly communicated from management to team leaders to care assistants and domestic staff, supported through various company policies and initiatives, including active encouragement and involvement in the life of the home by relatives and friends of the residents, then the potential to:

Increase the well-being of residents with dementia through enhanced connection to nature is feasible.

There are often difficulties involved with changing practice, but there are also benefits for staff and residents alike. If care practice and building design are developed simultaneously, integrated solutions can be found to address the needs of:

Those who live, visit and work in the home.

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